New technologies translation

Today we are in a stage where new technologies are revolutionizing our daily life. This does not just apply to IT, but also to the technological development of new programs, apps or processes that can be applied to computer tools, telecommunications etc.

New technologies translation

All these advances aim to make our lives easier at work as well as at home or in the academic environment. It is thus essential that these inventions can spread throughout the world and satisfy a greater number of people. A good adapted and functional translation is necessary for this.

With Tradupla, S.L.U. you will have access to a group of  professional translators,   who will guarantee you an optimal  translation  of any  technology text . The following are some of the   technology translations  that can be carried out by Tradupla, S.L.U.:

  • Translation of software and hardware manualsNew technologies translation
  • Software localization
  • Translation of technological articles
  • Translation of computer brochures
  • Translation of technological manuals


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